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The Pre & Post College Student Pocket Guide to Success

ISBN: 9780998689500

Pages: 92

Font Size: 14

Retail Price: $15.00

Sale Price: $12.50

Purpose of the Book:

This book was written and inspired by the author for several of the following reasons:


  • To inform students that college is possible.

  • To make students aware of how important it is to select the right career choice that suits the student long-term and resources in which the student can select a career choice.

  • To explain what it means to have good credit and how bad credit can affect a person's life.

  • To provide ways in which a student can prepare for the workforce to have a better opportunity landing a job after graduation.

  • To stress the importance of saving early for retirement. Students may think that they have plenty of time to save for retirement, but in reality they don't.

I AM Coloring Book Front Cover.png

I AM: Words of Encouragement & Inspiration Alphabet Coloring Book - (Includes Alphabet Photographic & Traceable Letter Activity Page that can also be colored at the end of the book.)

ISBN: 9780998689524

Pages: 32

Retail Price: $10.00

I AM: Words of Encouragement & Inspiration Alphabet Coloring Book is a children coloring & activity book for ages 3-7. It provides encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring words from A - Z, as well as a character or characters with captions to bring the meaning of the word to life and in a way that is relatable. It also includes a glossary to define each word used. Bonus page: An alphabet photographic and traceable letter activity page is provided at the end of the book. Happy Coloring!

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