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Unspoken Knowledge Bookstore believes in doing good deeds, paying it forward, and helping others. We are currently supporting and featuring Indie Authors who have written children books. Amazon is significantly saturated with books; whereas it makes it difficult to discover and support new Indie Authors. The company would like to provide an opportunity to new Indie Authors to promote their books on our site. This site will also give the Author an opportunity to keep more money in his or her pocket and give less money to Amazon. Amazon takes at least 40% - 60% of the book sale in addition to the cost of printing the book.


*NOTE: The company will not be receiving a profit for the sale of the Author's book. 

**In order to be considered to be featured as an Indie Author, please send the following to


  1. Author's Name and Email Address

  2. Title of the Children's Book (We are only able to receive one title from each Author, so that we can offer this opportunity to more Authors) 

  3. The book ISBN (barcode printed on the bottom right corner of the book)

  4. Synopsis of the Children's Book (please proofread, check for spelling, and submit 50 words or less)

  5. The sale price of the book (it is up to the Author to include shipping cost. Note, including shipping cost in the sale price of the book will put more money into the Author's pocket)

  6. If the book is currently on Amazon, please include the Amazon book link 

**In order for this to manifest and for you as an Author to provide your customers with great and prompt customer service, the following is requested as a Featured Indie Author.

  1. The Author purchases his or her book in bulk, so there are books on hand to be shipped to the customer after they have purchased the book. (We suggest you at least purchase 10 - 20 books to have readily available)

  2. Provide your method of payment information, so customers can easily and quickly send you the money to purchase the book. We will include your method of payment on our website. 

  3. Like and share our Facebook page @UnspokenKnowledgeBookstore (This action is very important because it is spreading the word of your book and tremendously helps in the supporting and promoting process.)


Thank you for your interest.



Unspoken Knowledge Bookstore                                

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